Cook’s Costume

Cook’s Costume

This fun cooks costume is complete with a rolling pin, frying pan and of course, the Chef’s hat.

Chef’s Hat
Pilgrim’s Dress
Dress Shoes
Cookie’s Tenderizer
Spider Splatter Mace

The Pilgrim’s Dress is from the Pilgrim’s Bounty event which happens in the Fall.

The frying pan, a quest reward for This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup), even has two eggs, looking a little burned! There is another frying pan, although it doesn’t look as good, as a quest reward for The Titans’ Terminal but it’s Alliance only.

The Cookie’s Tenderizer is the one that drops off regular Deadmines, the heroic one does not have the same appearance.

The Chef’s Hat is purchased with 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards (purchase Waterlogged Recipes off the AH if you need a lot of tokens).

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