Submit your own favorite pieces to transmogrify

If you have pieces you plan to transmogrify for your toon (male or female) please let us know so we can include them.  If possible, include the name with a link to Wowhead so we know exactly which pieces you are referring to.

We are happy to include a link to your toon’s armory if we include it :)

Thanks for helping us out!

10 Responses to Submit your own favorite pieces to transmogrify

  1. Steffan says:

    Warrior’s Embrace… Sunken Temple…

  2. Elderash says:

    Mantle of Autumn

    Yeloow/Gold version of Cenarian Spaulders.

  3. Hawwa says:

    Warp Splinter’s Thorn
    Sweet looking dark-purple dagger.

  4. Ezio says:

    Just thought you guys could add this to the 1H Axe category

    Drops from Al’ar in TK

  5. scott says:

    and as far as two-handed maces i really like Verigan’s fist i kept it on my Pali since i got it

  6. Phobia says:

    Tourmaline Crown:
    And its BOE counterpart (Crown of Endless Knowledge):

    Both are incredibly cool looking clothie head pieces.

  7. Elektyr says:

    The set is the Stormrage Raiment look alike, gathered from a variety of the BC heroics.
    Naturally ignore the weapon and off-hand

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