King’s Defender

King’s Defender

Level: Requires level 70

Armor Level: Epic

Type: One-Handed Sword

Binding: On Pickup

Dropped by:  Medivh (Chess event) in Karazhan

Has a 15% drop rate.

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2 Responses to King’s Defender

  1. Ikilledkeny says:

    Anyone have any suggestions for a good plate / sword & board set that matches this sword? The closest I’ve found color-wise is the BC recolor of lawbringer. But not my fav look tbh.

  2. Unbreakable says:

    Currently using it with icc25 heroic shield Icecrown Glacial Wall, and thrown it together with Warbringer Helm and icc25 heroic Boneguard Commander’s Pauldrons (they look like death knight tier). Since i’m warrior i left my legs and boots un-transmogrified since i have the dragonplate tier, giving my look a very dark red / scarlet sort of colour, using it with Tabard of the Achiever