About WOW Transmog

After spending an inordinate amount of time trolling the Auction House, inspecting everyone I came across on RP servers and checking out various tier gear, it became apparent that there just wasn’t much out there for those of us who want to look cool once 4.3 and transmogrification hits, without spending hours trying to find that perfect look.

I have also been a fan of dressing up while standing around in cities and making sure my bank alts were dressed in the latest fashion, but while I follow a variety of RP fashion blogs, it was kind of hit or miss to find what I was looking for.

Hopefully everyone enjoys the site, and feel free to submit your own RP clothes or what you plan to be wearing once transmogrifying hits.  And if you find any bugs, links that don’t work, tooltips that don’t match, please click the bug report link at the top!

One Response to About WOW Transmog

  1. Shammyflash says:

    This site is great for those of us looking everywhere for more ideas for transmogging! I could have wrote that intro myself, considering the hours I have spent (before a glimmer or hint of 4.3) coming up with unique and attractive outfits to stand around town in or solo lowbie dungeons in for wide-eyed nubs. The best way to find new clothes imo is to browse the AH with display on character option checked, and try them on! I have several sets I am quite proud of and look forward to posting them here in the near future. Thank you so much for this site!