Darkcrest Plate Set

Darkcrest Plate Set

Level: Requires level 59

Armor Level: Common

Armor Type: Plate

Binding: Binds on equip

Dropped by: Level 60s mobs

A super sexy plate set, I love the chest and leggings.  Drops with a random enchantment, check the AH for this one.

Darkcrest Belt

Darkcrest Bracers

Darkcrest Breastplate

Darkcrest Helm

Darkcrest Legguards

Darkcrest Pauldrons

Darkcrest Sabatons

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One Response to Darkcrest Plate Set

  1. Matthew says:

    Chichimama is my toon Server name frost wolf i will be switching to allince on the 3/1/2012 im going dranai and id like to look sexy as one im wanting to buy the peaces but i dont have time to frm them couse im lvling my prof and raiding and questing and doing hots so please if you have a peaces wisper me rl is is matmanb@yahoo.com
    wisper me in game you got a peace