Gordok Ogre Suit

Gordok Ogre Suit

Level: Requires level 42

Armor Level: Uncommon

Binding: Bind on use

Crafted by: Tailoring & Leatherworking

On Use:  Disguise yourself as one of the Gordok ogres, and maybe even fool a particular captain in the process!  The suit will only hold together for 10 min. (one-time use only)

While the pattern to make the suits can no longer be learned since the Shattering, the supplies for the pattern, including the Ogre Tannin (soulbound) can still drop in Dire Maul in the Ogre Tannin basket.  You can only have one suit in your inventory at a time.  You will need the leatherworker or tailor with the pattern to run Dire Maul and loot the tannin before making it for you.  These also sell on the AH, for those looking to make some gold.

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