Spellfire Longsword

Spellfire Longsword

Level: Requires Level 62

Armor Level: Epic

Type: One-handed Sword

Binding: Bind on equip

Drops from: ICC level trash mobs.

Your very own glowing blue light sabre!   This one drops from Mennu the Betrayer in Slave Pens on normal mode, so it is easily farmable by 85s.  The drop rate on this is 19% so it should only take you a few runs.  This is bound to be one of the most popular swords for transmogrification, and is also great for roleplayers.

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One Response to Spellfire Longsword

  1. wizard says:

    this is wrong. This is a “MAIN HAND” sword and can’t be use for transmorging ONE HAND swords.