Blade of Eternal Justice

Blade of Eternal Justice

Level: Requires level 60

Restrictions: Paladin only

Armor Level: Epic

Type: One-handed Sword

Binding: Bind on pickup

Quest reward by: Blade of Eternal Justice in Ruins of Ahn’Quiraj

This weapon is a Paladin only weapon that is rewarded from the Blade of Eternal Justice (the mage version of this quest also uses the same model).  This quest requires the player to collect Qiraji Spiked Hilt, Amber Idol (2), Bronze Scarab (5), Ivory Scarab (5) and be exalted with Cenarion Circle.  All the required items but the Qiraji Spiked Hilt can be found on AH but Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj is easily soloable by a level 85.

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