Oggleflint’s Inspirer

Oggleflint’s Inspirer

Level: Requires level 13

Armor Level: Rare

Armor Type: One-handed mace

Binding: Binds on equip

Dropped by: Oggleflint in Ragefire Chasm

A bone for a mace, but it is unclear if this will be one of those items they won’t allow for transmogging.  It is easy to obtain for Horde since it drops in Ragefire Chasm, but a little more difficult for Alliance.  You can probably make a tidy amount of gold reselling this on Alliance side, at least until it is announced whether this is going to be allowed or not.  Don’t forget if you queue on a lowbie toon for this dungeon that the mace will bind on pickup if you “Need” on it in a LFG dungeon.

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