Searing Golden Blade

Searing Golden Blade

Level: Requires level 34

Armor Level: Common

Armor Type: Dagger

Binding: Binds on equip

Crafted by: Blacksmithing

The pattern for this is extremely hard to find, so expect to pay a lot for it.  Will make some good gold with this one in 4.3 if you can make it.   The blade also has a bright yellow glow around it (not showing up in picture)

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One Response to Searing Golden Blade

  1. darkçhylde says:

    selling [Plans: Searing Golden Blade] – located on Draenor (EU)
    Serious offers only. Date is 2012/02/02 – reserve price is confidential,
    any bid over that offer will get it immediately, not bid reaches targets will be sold to
    highest bid by mid day on the third, central european time.