Warlock Tier 1 – Felheart Raiment

Warlock Tier 1 – Felheart Raiment

This tier drops entirely in Molten Core.  Some pieces are BOP while the two pieces that drop on trash are BOE so you can check the AH for a couple of the pieces.

Felheart Belt (BOE) – Trash mobs

Felheart Bracers (BOE) – Trash mobs

Felheart Gloves – Lucifron

Felheart Pants – Magmadar

Felheart Robes – Golemagg the Incincerator

Felheart Shoulder Pads – Baron Geddon, Garr

Felheart Horns – Garr & Golemagg the Incinerator

Felheart Slippers – Shazzrah, Gehennas, Sulfuron Harbinger

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