Hunter Tier 7 – Heroes’ Cryptstalker Garb

Hunter Tier 7 – Heroes’ Cryptstalker Garb

This is the 10 man version of the Hunter tier 7.  The pieces were bought with tokens that dropped off various bosses in Naxxramas & Obsidian Sanctum (see below).

The tokens:

Tokens for the Chest and the Gloves can be purchased with Justice Points (550JP for chest & 348JP for gloves).   They can be purchased in Dalaran from Arcanist Ivrenne (Alliance) or Magistrix Lambriesse (Horde).

All of the tokens drop from the following bosses:

HelmKel’Thuzad in Naxxramas

HandsSartharion in Obsidian Sanctum

ShouldersGluth & Loatheb in Naxxramas

LegsGluth & Thaddius in Naxxramas

ChestGluth & Four Horsemen in Naxxramas

Pieces can also drop from Archavon the Stone Watcher

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