Death Knight Tier 7 – Heroes’ Scourgebone

Death Knight Tier 7 – Heroes’ Scourgebone

This is the 10 man version of the DK tier 7.  There were two versions, the Plate version for tanking and the Battlegear version for DPS, however both sets look identical.   The pieces were bought with tokens that dropped off various bosses in Naxxramas & Obsidian Sanctum (see below).

Heroes’ Scourgeborne Chestguard / Heroes’ Scourgeborne Battleplate

Heroes’ Scourgeborne Handguards / Heroes’ Scourgeborne Gauntlets

Heroes’ Scourgeborne Faceguard / Heroes’ Scourgeborne Helmet

Heroes’ Scourgeborne Legguards / Heroes’ Scourgeborne Legplates

Heroes’ Scourgeborne Pauldrons / Heroes’ Scourgeborne Shoulderplates

The tokens:

Tokens for the Chest and the Gloves can be purchased with Justice Points (550JP for chest & 348JP for gloves).   They can be purchased in Dalaran from Arcanist Ivrenne (Alliance) or Magistrix Lambriesse (Horde).

All of the tokens drop from the following bosses:

HelmKel’Thuzad in Naxxramas

HandsSartharion in Obsidian Sanctum

ShouldersGluth & Loatheb in Naxxramas

LegsGluth & Thaddius in Naxxramas

ChestGluth & Four Horsemen in Naxxramas

Pieces can also drop from Archavon the Stone Watcher

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