Winged Plate Set

Winged Plate Set

Level: Requires level 80

Armor Level: Epic

Armor Type: Plate

Binding: Binds on pickup, binds on equip

Dropped by:  Assorted; Crafted by Blacksmithing

I love this helm!  Here is a set that matches the helm.

Tempered Titansteel Helm (Blacksmithing)

Wapach’s Spaulders of Solidarity (BOE, primarily drops in level 80 raid trash)

Massive Skeletal Ribcage (Sapphiron in Naxxramas)

Waistguard of Living Iron (Legacy armor quartermaster, 348 JP)

Legplates of Inescapable Death (Loatheb in Naxxramas)

Tempered Titansteel Treads (Blacksmithing)

Bracers of the Unholy Knight (Instructor Razuvious in Naxxramas)

Horn-Tipped Gauntlets (Gal’darah in Gundrak)

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