Warrior’s Embrace

Warrior’s Embrace

Level: Requires level 50

Armor Level: Rare

Armor Type: Plate

Binding: Binds on pickup

Dropped by: Shade of Hakkar in Sunken Temple

These are a little more difficult to obtain, you need to have the quest to summon the boss (quest available at entrance).  If you already completed it, bribe someone to come with you and keep summoning until it drops.  The pants that people used to pair with this chest were changed to Mail in the Shattering, but we found Ornate Mithril Pants (crafted by Blacksmithing) were about the closest match.

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One Response to Warrior’s Embrace

  1. Darion says:

    Drops from Avatar of Hakkar in Sunken temple;
    summoned by clicking the bone pile in the middle of the Room;
    Room is marked blue (west).