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Lofty Plate Set

Level: Requires level 47-52

Armor Level: Uncommon

Armor Type: Plate

Binding: Binds on equip

Dropped by:  Level 50s mobs

Another plate bikini.  Drops with a random enchantment.  We don’t show the helm or shoulders, but have linked it below.  Check the AH for the pieces to this set.

Lofty Armguards

Lofty Belt

Lofty Breastplate

Lofty Gauntlets

Lofty Helm

Lofty Leggards

Lofty Sabatons

Lofty Shoulder Pads



  1. Princess says:

    Is there a version of this thats color matches more like Princess Leia wore in Star Wars? Thinking I could totally make my boyfriend hot while looking awesome in raid :D Although somehow I don’t think Princess Leia would be a Holy Pally!

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