Recolored Elements Mail Set

Recolored Elements Dungeon Mail Set

Level: Requires level 70

Armor Level: Rare

Armor Type: Mail

Binding: Binds on pickup

Dropped by:  Specific Outlands Dungeon Bosses

This is the recolored Elements Dungeon set (the original set is no longer available in the game).  Not sure I like the helm though, but I bet some people will love a giant howling cat on their heads!  Will take some grinding but definitely obtainable.

Helm: Mask of the Howling Storm (Nexus-Prince Shaffar in Mana Tombs)

Shoulders: Lightning-Rod Pauldrons (Tavarok in Mana Tombs)

Chest: Vest of Living Lightning (Mennu the Betrayer in The Slave Pens)

Hands: Stormfront Gauntlets (Captain Skarloc in Old Hillsbrad Foothills)

Belt: Girdle of the Gale Storm (The Maker in The Blood Furnace)

Leggings: Kilt of Rolling Thunders (Reinforced Fel Iron Chest in Hellfire Ramparts)

Boots: Boots of the Outlander (Pandemonius in Mana Tombs)

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2 Responses to Recolored Elements Mail Set

  1. Clawsome says:

    easy to get.. looks nice, not too many people know about it…

  2. Clawsome says:

    Eldre’Thalas – Totemly

    looks perfects with

    Shield of the Void – shield – Mana Tombs

    Diamond Core Sledgemace – 1h mace – the blood furnace

    Darkspear Tabard – Sorry horde only

    Formal White Shirt – optional
    Datk Silk Shirt – optional