Victor’s Robes & Seryl’s Robes

Victor’s Robes & Seryl’s Robes

Level: Quest requires level 1 & 5

Armor Level: Uncommon

Armor Type: Cloth

Binding: Binds on pickup

Quest reward for: Horde: Victory (Lost Isles) Alliance: Losing Your Tail (Gilneas)

There are two versions of these robes, one for Goblin starter quests and one in the Gilneas starting quests, so hard to get unless you are leveling a new toon.
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  1. Adah says:

    This is the robe also given as a low level (10) quest reward in the Dwarf starting zone, so any Alliance person who hasn’t done this quest chain yet can get it; it is the reward for the final quest (Grimaxe’s Demise) involving the airstrip that is being attacked by Dark Iron Dwarves. To pick up the quest chain, start at Helm’s Bed Lake and speak to Sgt. Bahrum. I believe the item is called Airfield Defender’s Garb.

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