Abjurer’s Robe Cloth Set

Abjurer’s Robe Cloth Set

Level: Requires level 48

Armor Level: Uncommon

Armor Type: Cloth

Binding: Binds on equip

Dropped by: Level 50s mobs

This is one of my favorite robes in the game, and it is pretty uncommon, so this is one to definitely consider!  And the helm simply rocks.  Plus, it has a matching cloak too!  Drops with a random enchantment.  The chest has a higher drop rate off old world rare elites, so keep your eye on AH for this one or do some rare hunting.  Expect to be a good seller for 4.3 if you are looking to make some gold.

Abjurer’s Robe

Abjurer’s Hood

Abjurer’s Cloak

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